Breaking the Mold

We're doing things differently

People in the industry are always talking about the "driver shortage."  

But what are companies doing about it? More importantly, here's what Clarke Road is doing about it:

  • We give young people a chance.  We will hire driver as young as 21 under the right circumstances.

  • We utilize technology  You won't see our ads in a newspaper.  You will however see us all over social media.  Check out our Facebook page!

  • Our dry van fleet is 12% women!  The industry average is approximately 3%.

  • We promote from within whenever possible.  Our Recruiting Manager and Fleet Maintenance Manager were both Clarke Road drivers.

  • We treat our drivers like customers.  Without our trucks moving down the road we would be out of business!   Our over the road team pays the bills.

Remember back in the day when your dispatcher had a chalk board and you called in from a pay phone after breakfast?  Times have changed and so have we.   We believe in providing our team with an open, supportive, and laid back work environment.   There's a reason why our drivers and owner operators have honoured us with the Employer of Choice designation six years in a row!

While we don't believe in making promises we cant keep, here are some of the things we pledge to provide:



Our drivers and owner operators are our customers.   Without them our wheels don't turn.  With Clarke Road you will be treated like a valued member of the team and we will listen to your concerns.


We believe in open and honest communication.  Whether it's through newsletters, fleet messages, or one-on-one conversations in the office we will always listen to what you have to say and provide the information you need.   We commit to giving you an answer - even if it's not the one you wanted.


When was the last time someone said 'thank you' to you at your job?  We know you will hear it as long as you're wearing a Clarke Road hat.  Our incentive plans are designed to reward the top performers because you deserve it.   You may also be asked to become a driver trainer and enjoy the perks and prestige that come with it...we'll even get you a customized driver trainer coat so you can brag to your friends!

We do annual safe driver awards and when you get to a million miles, accident free, you get to pick out any leather jacket you like with your name on the sleeve.  If you're one of the few drivers who reaches two million accident free miles you and your spouse are headed on a paid does Cuba in February sound?


Do you like driving old, unsafe equipment?  We didn't think so.  You won't have to worry about that here.  We trade in our trucks after 4 years - before they become a problem.  Our trailers are inspected at least once every 120 days.  If you report a defect it will be repaired before the next driver hooks up to the load.


Our benefits packages are excellent and we even offer our company drivers an RRSP matching program.  Even though we would love for you to stay with us forever we want you to be able to retire someday.

Pet Policy

Pets are welcome so long as the truck is kept clean. We feel that having a pet is a great companion for our drivers.  It also gives you another reason to take a break, relax, go for a walk, and be rested on the road!