We're Investing in You!

Clarke Road Transport has been hiring newly licensed drivers for years. Because of this we have been able to identify several areas where the training could improve.   We don't settle for "good enough," so we decided to do something about it:

We recently introduced a new Driver Training Program. We don't want to brag (yes we do), but it's the best program in the Maritimes!

The training institutions that we work with are listed below - you can click on the logo and be linked to the appropriate website. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we are based in Halifax and only work with those schools we are unable to make exceptions for newly licensed drivers based outside of the Maritimes and/or who went to different schools.

Training spaces are very limited so we recommend contacting us well before you are ready to enroll in your training institution.  Contact our Recruiting Team to learn more and to find out how you can get started with a rewarding career!


"My success story started when I was lucky enough to get hired at Clarke Road right out of school.  The company was willing to invest the time in me that other companies wouldn't.  The support and training I received allowed me to excel in my new journey as a professional driver.  Since then, with a lot of hard work and advice from my mentors, I have become an owner operator with Clarke Road and I'm on my way to building a small fleet.  I have also become a Certified Driver Trainer so I can give back what I've learned to the next generation."  

- Yvon Duguay.